February 7, 2012

Sudan budget - $40 M for the east

 Farmers in Tokar region [UN Environment]

The Minister of Finance and National Economy and Chairman of the Board of Director of the Fund for Rehabilitation and Development of East Sudan, Ali Mahmoud, disclosed the assignment of 40 million pounds in the general budget of the fiscal year 2012.

This came during the minister's meeting with directors of the fund administrations in the presence of the Walis (governors) of the three eastern states.

He indicated that the fund will receive support of the expertise of the Ministry of Finance to help attracting more loans for implementing development projects in east Sudan.

The minister also revealed the assignment of 50 million dollars from the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank for the rehabilitation of Halfa Agriculture Scheme, besides the assignment of another 50 million dollars for the rehabilitation of Toker Delta Scheme.

Meanwhile, the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, the Executive Director of the Fund for Rehabilitation and Development in East Sudan reviewed the performance of the fund and the projects implemented in the three states of east Sudan in the field of water, electricity, education, besides the implementation of projects through the donors mechanism in the three states.

The implemented projects include the establishment of 16 rural hospitals, and bridges dams in al Gadarif State and water desalination stations in the Red Sea State, filtering stations, and underground water wells in Kassala State.

COMMENT: We note that this budget item is not really new money, since the Khartoum government has previously promised $600 Million, but not paid it. They have made promises before, and not fulfilled them. Still, we are hopeful that these funds will be spent in a way that will help meet the needs of the poorer inhabitants of the east, and not line the pocketbooks of those people already wealthy.

The $100 Million for the agricultural developments is generous, and we hope it will make a real difference for improved land use and better crops. These funds are presumably part of the grants or loans that were pledged at the Kuwait Donors Conference.

Sourced from Sunanews.net

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