June 27, 2011

World Refugee Day celebrated in Kassala, speech

Excerpts from a speech by a United Nations official, Ms Janet Lim.

On behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, it is my pleasure to be with you today as we commemorate World Refugee Day.  Today the global international community recognises and celebrates the resilience of more than 10 million refugees as they endure untold hardships.  It is a day when countries recall their responsibilities to address the plight of refugees....

In the past four decades the people of Sudan have hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees.  Throughout this time, UNHCR has assisted the Government to protect, care for and find solutions for these persons.... Sudan’s efforts are rooted in a shared belief that there are no tolerable levels of suffering: even one person forced to flee war or persecution, is one too many....

Today I want to pay special tribute and express my gratitude to the communities of eastern Sudan that have, through their generosity, welcomed and helped to protect refugees who, over the years, have fled conflict and political strife.  Without doubt, local and national capacities have been stretched to the limit as communities host large long-term refugee populations.  But there is also recognition that the greatest burden is shouldered by refugees themselves....

When refugees have been in a country for a long time and they are in a protracted situation, they need to become self-reliant to meet their daily needs.  They need to be allowed to become part of local development programmes and contribute to local economies.  With close to 60% of the Eritrean refugee population having been born in the Sudan, with numbers of them having subsequently acquired Sudanese nationality, we cannot deny that most of the refugees know only life in this country.  Is this a problem or an opportunity for local communities, authorities and the refugees themselves?...

 In a protracted refugee situation, self-reliance eventually leading to local integration must replace direct assistance programmes.  In this regard, legalising the presence of refugees as provided for under Sudanese law is of particular importance.  In particular this implies lifting or easing restrictions on freedom of movement, ensuring refugees hold valid documentation, and eventually considering refugees who apply for naturalization already under existing mechanisms....

East Sudan is fast becoming a principal transit route for trafficked migrants and refugees, with some 2,000 asylum seekers arriving each month.  This mixed movement of persons has Khartoum and beyond as destination....

The Sudan is going through a turbulent period of its history but previous experience has shown that Sudanese are a resilient and innovative people who pull through challenges such as these with renewed vigour and commitment. Challenges in the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the south are great but my office is optimistic that all parties will do their utmost to ensure a peaceful outcome of the process....

A smooth transition will be needed to allow for focused attention to put in place viable solutions for refugees in eastern Sudan and address other displacement challenges in Sudan....

 Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you and the hosting communities for the generosity that you have extended to refugees in eastern Sudan over many decades.  I cannot think of a more fitting way of commemorating World Refugee Day than to be with you here, in a spirit of solidarity with the refugees, the host communities, and local and national authorities as together we pursue new approaches in the search for solutions.   

News Source.

Visit the UNHCR site.

UPDATE July 1. A  news article by the United Nations illustrates the difficulties of the many Eritrean people who have crossed the border into Sudan. Also available as a pdf download.

June 23, 2011

Bashir wants a new port on Red Sea Coast

President Al-Bashir: Government resolved to complete development program

Tuesday, 21 June 2011 04:33

The President of the Republic, Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed government's determination to complete the development program, renewing commitments to fulfill the electoral program of his party during the previous elections. Addressing mass rallies at Jabait Al-Ma'adin locality in the Red Sea State on Monday, President Al-Bashir said that the government seeks to provide the citizens of the eastern Sudan with the basic services.

President Al-Bashir gave directives to upgrade Mohammed Goul area into town, explaining that the government is looking forward to establish a port in the area. On his part, the governor of the Red Sea State has enumerated the achievements made by his government in the previous year, pledging to implement further projects in coordination with the federal government.

Sudan Safari source

UPDATE July 10, 2011. The Investment Ministry of the Sudan Government has already identified the need for a port to enable the export of iron ore. [in 2010?] The Osaif Iron Ore Export Port would be near the Egyptian border, which is about 100 km north of Mohammed Qol.

June 21, 2011

Bashir in RSS: as translated from Arabic

bing translator.

Bashir: Sudan will not be contentious between Egypt and Sudan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 10: 25    Local news

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to Halaib mentor will be an area for networking and integration and exchange of experiences and benefits with the State of Egypt, stressing at the same time that the Halaib issue would be resolved shortly and that it will not be a cause for differences between the two countries.

Sudanese President said during his meeting with city public ausiv local Halaib after opening a number of basic development projects that the Egyptian revolution represents a real shift in relations between the two countries, revealing that the Government of the Sudan earlier by former rulers of Egypt in dealing with a positive vision beyond political boundaries between the two countries, adding "we told them that the colonial border in the Sudan, we consider our Mediterranean."

President Al-Bashir confirmed that Halaib will not be subject to differences between the two countries after the Egyptian youth revolution and haiahm extended pay special tribute to the people of Egypt.

Sudan's Beshir vowed that education shall be compulsory for all citizens,  vowing that the Government take legal action against those who violate the said compulsory Government's commitment to continuing education-for-food programme.

President Al-Bashir, Minister of livestock and fisheries d. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim to begin immediately to establish a quarry veterinarian bausiv to facilitate the export of livestock to the sisterly Egypt.


Al Bashir: Government Committed to Providing Services to Eastern Sudan
Posted on Monday, June 20 @ 00:15:00 UTC by admin

President Al Bashir Sunday affirmed hios government commitment to supply Eastern Sudan with all necessary services.

Addressing a mass rally in Sinkat Locality, during his current visit to Red Sea State, Al Bashir called on them to concert their efforts with the north, to achieve a sustainable development in the country, besides providing southern and northern citizens with the essential facilities.

Addressing a mass rally yesterday in the locality of Haya, Red Sea state, he said the government would continue programs aimed at providing services to citizens and achieving a balanced development. Al Bashir affirmed that the strategy of the government does not discriminate between urban and rural citizens, rather priority is given to urgent needs: food, health and education.

He said that projects, which have been inaugurated in the locality of Haya, are the rights of its people. “That is their [government] responsibility before Allah,” he stated.

Al Bashir inaugurated the premises of Dordaib locality, Red Sea, executed by Osok Company at estimated cost of above SDG 3 millions. He also inaugurated Dordain more than one megawatt electricity grid, which cost above SDG 16 million funded by East Reconstruction and development Fund. 

He inaugurated a high school for boys in Dordaib at more than one million pounds funded by the state’s government.  His Excellency inaugurated a number of facilities in the locality of Haya included Haya hospital, whose construction cost above SDG5 millions funded by the government of the state. He inaugurated ambulance project, three ambulances supplied at a cost of more than 2.5 million each funded by the state’s government. He inaugurated a multi story medical cadres’ house in Haya constructed at three millions to meet the needs of medical personnel operating in the locality.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eillla, the Governor of the Red Sea State, said the inaugurated service and development projects in the locality of Dordaib symbolized loyalty to the people who pledged their allegiance to Al Engaz and supported the National Congress Party in past general elections.

sourced from Sudan Vision

June 19, 2011

President Bashir now visiting Red Sea State

 President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Bashir is due to start a 3- day visit to the Red Sea State on Sunday, June 19. An official source told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that the President will inaugurate over 50 developmental and service projects.

In the same context, Minister of Agriculture in Red State, Sadiq Al-Melek told SUNA that the State has finalized arrangements for receiving the President and his accompanying delegation.

He said the President will inaugurate a number of development and service and economic projects which are distributed in the various localities of the State, commending the concern of the federal government with people of East Sudan in general and of the Red Sea State in particular.

Al-Melek explained that the protects which are to be launched by the President will include the building of localities headquarters, and other projects in the fields of water, electricity, health, education and roads.


June 18, 2011

New Beja models for wargamers

Perry Miniatures manufactures toy soldiers. Buyers paint the plain plastic to make the soldiers realistic looking, and with enough of them, battles can be fought again on the dining room table.

A new design of Beja soldiers will be released in July 2011. Here's an advance look at them.

Each soldier is just over 1 inch tall [28 mm]

June 9, 2011

Total lunar eclipse set for June 15

In the region of the Red Sea Hills, the moon will seem to disappear as the earth gets between the sun and the moon for over an hour. Actually most of east Africa, the Middle east, India and Malaysia will experience this astronomical phenomena. Get the details here.


June 7, 2011

Trouble at Red Sea University

A couple of students from the extension campus in South Tokar caused trouble at Red Sea University in Port Sudan during the last week of May. Rioting and vandelism ensued.

Authorities at the campus have had to begin checking student identification and bags to ensure security. The campus was closed the weekend of June 2-5. Exams may have been rescheduled.

June 3, 2011

Red Sea State governor to step down?

An unsubstantiated blog report suggests that Governor Mohamed Tahir Eila had submitted his resignation. Since the state governors are appointed by the central government, it is up to Khartoum to receive it.

It may be that various governors of the states in north Sudan are doing also resigning, with a view to change coming in July, when South Sudan becomes another country.

Governor Tahir leads the Red Sea State. He is a Beja man, and has facilitated development of the east during his time of leadership. He is also a friend of the policies of President al Bashir.

June 2, 2011

Kassala state meets Eritrean Ambassador

Kassala — Chairman of the Supreme Council of Youth and Sport and acting Governor of Kassala State, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, received at his office Wednesday the Eritrean Ambassador in Khartoum, H.E. Mohamed Sa'aed. Present in the meeting were the head of the Workers Trade Union in the state and chairman of the Sudanese-Eritrean Friendship Society in Kassala Abdul-Gadir Yagoub as well as the chairman of the Eritrean Community in Kassala, Mohamed Ibrahim.

The meeting reviewed the deeply-rooted relations between Sudan and Eritrea as well as the arrangements being taken for boosting the joint relations and interests of the two countries in the economic, social and cultural fields besides the movement of the citizens of the two countries through the borders. The Eritrean Ambassador appreciated the participation of the government of Kassala state in the celebration of Eritrea on the occasion of the anniversary of the national Day.


June 1, 2011

Funding for east to be cancelled?

As north Sudan moves toward a more Islamic model for ruling the nation, the government has recognized that taking loans involve paying interest. Yet Islam says that usury is wrong.

Concerns have been raised at receiving money for development. Parliamentarians are balking at taking loans from Kuwaiti Economic Development Fund and the Arab Fund for Socio-Economic Development.

Both of these sources have been previously identified on this blog as sources for the development of the east. Pledges were made at the Kuwait Donors Conference in December 2010.

In an effort to be good muslims, Sudan's government may be denying funds that provide infrastructure, jobs and the development to the people in east Sudan.

Promises for $500 million for east Sudan have been made by Kuwait. This could be a combination of loans and grants. We noted a $50 million grant [not a loan] on March 7.

Pledges of Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development amounted to $210 million.

As initially reported in http://allafrica.com/stories/201106010507.html