December 1, 2010

Conference Pledges

Kuwait: $500 million dollars
Iran: $200 million dollars.
European Union: 24 million euros
Italy: 30 million euros
Spain: 15 million euros "this year alone"
Qatar: huge investment [amount not given]
Sudan: $1.572 billion, includes about $500 million already promised.
Norway: $5 million new money
South Africa: $150,000
Turkey: rehabilitation of Ottoman Customs House at Suakin
China: $23 million dollars
Britain: $70 million [£45m]
Canada: $6 million "a year", as usual
Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey: Already active, no new money.

Arab Investment Guarantee Organization: $ 300 million
UNHCR: $45 million over 3 years (new money)
Islamic Development Bank: $200 million ($250 million?)
Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development: $210 million
Abu Dhabi Investment Fund: [donation amount not yet determined]
Turkish State Fund: [donatiaon amount not yet determined]

More than 600 representatives of 39 countries, 28 international organisations and 73 non-governmental organisations are attending the two-day Donor Conference hosted by Kuwait.

Partially sourced from google news:

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