December 3, 2010

More conference reviews

Sudan's presidential assistant Musa Mohammad Ahmed addresses the opening session of the international donors and investors meeting for the development of east Sudan, in Kuwait City, on December 1, 2010.

 In Kuwait, an article covers the main points. Worth reading, since it's longer than most of the others linked below.

A few notes about the content of Musa Ahmed's speech to the conference.

A cynical review by a Beja man on his blog.  The English looks like an automatic translation from Arabic.

From China. They say they attach importance to the traditional friendship with Sudan, but the reality is often that they don't bother to hire local labour to help them with their projects.

From England. The BBC writes up an article full of generalities, and short on facts.

The excellent review article by James Calderwood, published in the National, out of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Just three sentences from Bikyamasr, based in Egypt. And the developing online paper [it's in beta testing], the Daily News Egypt dot com has a bigger write up.

KippReport is an online Middle East business magazine. They had a little item.

In Sudan, the United Nations Mission in Sudan [UNMIS] noted Kuwait's $500 million gift on their media source /

MORE: Qatar media offers a wrap-up, with a view on expected returns on investment.

Iran news had a lead-up article.

An Iranian students news service notes that additional political connections were enhanced at the conference, in this case, between Iran and Syria. Tunisia connected with Kuwait.

Sudan Vision posts a review online on Saturday, December 4. And an editorial that is gushy in its happy review.

The United Nations has an Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The OCHA has a news website. A small article was written at Relief Web; the site is worth exploring for information on aid efforts after worldwide disasters and such.

The United Arab Emirates News Service published a bulletin.

Haris Silajdzic, the outgoing chairman of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers Bosnian help to Kuwait for their work in east Sudan.

Reuters Africa. The Voice of AmericaBloomberg News.

Google News references 24 articles.

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