December 23, 2010

Kuwait signs agreements with Sudan

As a follow-up to the recent Donor and Investment Conference, government officials met in Khartoum on Tuesday December 21, 2010, and 11 agreements were signed between Kuwait and Sudan.

The Kuwaiti deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs launched the Joint Sudanese Kuwaiti Ministerial Committee when they met with Sudanese President Bashir, and the Sudan foreign minister, Ali Karti.

Agreements included an $80 million contribution toward the construction of the Atbara Sitate River Dam. Additional agreements were signed in areas of youth and sport, culture and arts, investment, education, security, mutual accreditation of national maritime certificates, commercial cooperation, animal and fish resources, information  and agricultural cooperation.>

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UPDATE: Dec 24. Comments by Ali Karti noted: 

UPDATE: April 30, 2011 Agreement approved by Sudan government for $175 million
"The cabinet also approved a 175 million dollars agreement to fund the establishment of Upper Atbara and Setite Dams.

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