December 7, 2010

More reviews of the conference

News sources are picking up the story, but the articles are mostly reprints...


The Daily Star in Lebanon.

International development news agency Devex .

The cabinet is briefed on the conference

President Bashir calls Kuwait to say thank you for hosting the conference, reported in SudanVision.

A journalist based in Saudi Arabia uses a Koranic verse to encourage the giving of thanks. He then expresses gratitude to two of the key donors at the conference.

A Sudanese site reporting government activities describes the conference results.

BUT the United Nations Development Programme has a good press release worth reading for a full picture.

Presidential assistant and conference organizer Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail likes Germany.

The Arab Times identifies various amounts of pledges.

Egypt's leading newspaper Al-Ahram is now on the internet - from November 26, 2010. Ahram Online published a review of the conference.

Qatar Tribune

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