September 12, 2009

Gold reserves expand after exploration

La Mancha is a Canadian gold producer that has a 40% interest in the Hassai open pit mine located 450 km north east of Khartoum. That's east of the Nile in the Nubian desert, about 50 km north of Musmar. Some Beja are labourers there.

A news release on September 10 announced a reserve of over 1 million ounces of gold, and confirmed a very rich zone of minerals near the bottom of the current pit.

Investors greeted the news with excitement, and the price of the stock rose almost 20% the same day.

La Mancha trades on the Toronto stock exchange under the symbol LMA.

News Release

Stock Chart

UPDATE: October 16 - stock price has doubled since beginning of August.
UPDATE Feb 2010 - video describing gold production at the Ariab mine. Very good! 15 minutes.

September 7, 2009

Tourism in Red Sea Sate- big plans!

From. Khartoum- Neimat Al Naiem

Red Sea State is planning to launch the activities of the Third Tourism Festival in the period the 5th of Nov. 2009 to early Jan. 2010. Tourism Director in the State, Mohammed Tahir Awadab, stated that the Festival would include folkloric exhibition, general exhibitions, camel race, car rally, motor and traditional boats contests. He added that some companies would participate in the occasion through sponsorship and organization.

He revealed that Eritrean music bands would participate in the festival through the Eritrean-Sudanese Tourism Week noting that the Egyptian Circus would also participate.

Awadab believes that the festival will activate tourism in the state hence sustains its economy.

He reported that the Festival activities will be conducted in Port Sudan, Suwakin and Sinkat with the expectation that Presidents Al-Bashir of Sudan and Isaias Afwerki of Eritrean might honor the occasion by their presence.


September 6, 2009

Online Tour of Kassala

Maykal has published a walking tour of Kassala on the bluewalks blog. It uses the power of google maps to associate comments with locations. Just click on a marker.

Includes quick comments on the various cafes, markets and tourist-type attractions in town.


September 5, 2009

Development Projects Contracts to be Signed in Eastern Sudan

Khartoum-Neimat Al Naiem
Information Official in the Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund (ESRDF), Kassala State, Mohammed Mahmoud reported that arrangements are completed for signing development projects contracts expected to be effected during current month.

He reported that projects include 52 basic level schools, teachers hostels, health centers and units to be implemented throughout the 11 localities of the state. Other projects include water wells and rain water reservoirs.
He said numerous projects have been implemented since the establishment of ESRDF in 2007.

The Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund is a key component of the Wealth Sharing Protocol of the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement signed on 14, October, 2006.
The Fund is under the chairmanship of the Federal Minister of Finance, and membership of Eastern Sudan States' governors, as well as Eastern Sudan Front.

September 2, 2009

News Sources

Official government site

United Nations daily report [pdf file]



State Governor commended

In a September 1 editorial, the Governor of the Red Sea State was pointed out as a good example of a politician who is concerned for development in his region.

"The other sample to be commended for the effort it is exerting on development projects is the Red Sea State. Its Governor has launched huge infrastructural projects and is continuously encouraging local and international investors and other economic ventures in the State.

"The Governor, Mohammed Tahir Eilla is stationed in the State capital, Port Sudan and he rarely visits Khartoum and is always staying within his state for further supervision and following up of the execution of the projects. Red Sea State is ideal for investment projects and the Governor and his team have a broad vision in their state and have made allocation of infrastructure projects including roads, electricity and water network.

"The State has constructed 30 model villages equipped with all the basic services. The State Government has also succeeded in establishing 5 hospitals besides noticeable projects within the state. One of the most renowned projects is a regional highway which connects the State with Egypt and this road has reached its final stage of construction and another is the water network and is aimed at connecting the State with River Nile as sustainable source for the State.

"Port Sudan city has witnessed many projects from infrastructure to services, tourism and recreation and now many visitors come to Port Sudan and this suggests that the city is flourishing rapidly thus gaining the pride of the modern cities."