July 11, 2007

Bashair II Port opened by President Al-Bashir for oil exports

On Wednesday, July 11, 2007, Sudanese politicians delivered speeches on the occasion of the opening of Bashair II Port. The port is at the end of the 1600 km oil pipeline from south Sudan, and provides bulk crude oil for export to India and China. It is about 25 km south of Port Sudan on the coast of the Red Sea.

The president of the country, Omar al-Bashir reviewed developments delivered by the Salvation Government over the past 18 years. He hailed the recent peace agreements signed with various sectarian groups in Sudan such as the Eastern Front. He added that the Salvation Government has come for the sake of the marginalized in all the regions of Sudan, illustrating that it has sought to avail health, medical treatment and other basic services. He further pledged to launch more development projects in the Red Sea State in the fields of water and services to liberate the citizens of the State from poverty and diseases.

The Minister of Energy and Mining, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz praised the faithful diligence of the Sudanese youth, and the companies and investors who had executed the port building project.

Governor Mohammed Tahir Eila of the Red Sea State indicated that the claims of the people of eastern Sudan for development and construction have been met.

He hailed the Eastern Sudan Front and stressed that it will receive all cooperation from his government. Governor Eila said that the Red Sea State has a promising future because it was able to build large projects like road and ports, and it could launch oil and gas exploration and gold projects. He ended his speech by restating the pledge to seek the stability and security of the country. He let the people know that the Red Sea State would work hard and make the necessary sacrifices.


July 2, 2007