July 28, 2010

Get that water pipeline built!

From Sudan Vision newspaper

President Al-Bashir directs speeding up implementation of the pipeline that carries water from River Nile to Port Sudan

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, Sunday gave directives to speed up the necessary procedures in order to begin the work in the pipeline that carries water from the River Nile to Port Sudan

This came when the President received at the Republican Palace the Wali (Governor) of Red Sea State Dr. Mohammed Tahir Aila, who briefed him on the practical procedures so far taken to implement the pipeline, including the advanced payment of 47 million dollars and issuance of a letter of guarantee from the Central Bank of Sudan.
Meanwhile, the Wali of Red Sea State told SUNA that he briefed the President on the progress of development and services in the State, top of which are the water, electricity, education and health services.
He also reviewed the preparations of his state for the tourism season, which begins in winter, with regard to the establishment of tourist villages and restaurants in collaboration with some Sudanese banks. He further explained that the Red Sea State has gone too far in implementing popular housing project.


July 22, 2010

Hala'ib Triangle still under dispute

 Egypt is attempting to strengthen its hold on the region just north of the 22° Egypt/Sudan border. Tribal movements are being limited, and efforts are underway to move the camel market in Shalayatan (just north of the disputed territory) into Hala'ib town (inside the disputed territory).

An extended discussion brings the reader up to date with many of the issues involved. Interviews with local inhabitants reveal that many Ababda and "Beja" [Bisharin?] think of themselves as Egyptian.


UPDATE: July 27. The National, a newspaper published out of Abu Dhabi, describes the troubles between Egypt and Sudan in the region of the disputed Halaib Triangle. In English.


July 18, 2010

Over 1100 students graduate

A graduation ceremony for 1101 graduates of the training courses in the administrative and technical fields was held recently. The ceremony was organized by the East Sudan Development Fund in cooperation with the National Institution for Development and Rehabilitation.
The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Musa Mohamed Ahmed, addressed the graduates. He noted various political concerns such as the International Criminal Court's warrant to arrest the President Bashir, and the coming referendum for south Sudan. He called on all citizens of Sudan to participate in the development and re-building of the country.

July 17, 2010

Summer rain

Government officials are warning citizens to check drainage around their homes and neighbourhood because heavy rain is expected in Khartoum and regions north. Rainfall amounted to 15 mm in Kassala last week.

The meteorologists noted that next weeks rains will cover all states of the Sudan.

UPDATE Tuesday, July20. Thunderstorms are forecast for Port Sudan this week.

July 16, 2010

Donor Conference postponed to November

Presidential Advisor and NCP Foreign Relations Secretary, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail announced that the Donors International Development and Reconstruction Conference for Eastern Sudan will be hosted by Kuwait next November.

He was briefing the diplomatic corps in Sudan at the UNDP premises yesterday and revealed that the paper to be presented to the conference will be discussed on August 16th including the high preparatory committee.
He added that the high committee of the Conference includes each of the Kuwaiti Funds, Arab Fund for Investment, Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah), UNDP and Eastern Sudan Development Fund.
Ismail announced the completion of the establishment of the High Council of Investment chaired by President Al Bashir pointing out that the Council will work in removing all the obstacles facing the investors.
He considered that the conference has joint interest between Sudan and the international community as it concentrates on the investment and not services.

The Presidential Advisor revealed the completion of the projects, plans, and feasibility studies to be presented to the conference with the participation of all concerned sectors.
He called on the diplomatic corps representatives to urge their companies and organizations to commit to the projects presented through investors. Ismail enlightened the ambassadors and diplomatic corp representatives on the investment, tourism, and economic capabilities of eastern Sudan.


This conference was announced in November 2009, and was originally planned for March 2010.

Adroub.net news has previously identified a variety of  infrastructure projects for East Sudan.
Tourist bases
Fish canning
Schools and health clinics
maybe some roads to get to gold discovery sites.

Skyscraper City forum has details on dams, and oil drilling

The Sudan government has a list of various projects that need funding.
Gum Arabic processing (Kassala)
Chlorine manufacturing from salt from Red Sea
Expansion of Port Sudan Airport
Suwakin Port expansion, specialized exports - fish, cattle, containers.
Iron ore ship loading wharf. Osaif Iron Ore Export Port
Green Docks in Port Sudan

July 5, 2010

Animals for Ramadan

Swakin Veterinarian Quarantine Posted on Monday, July 05 @ 00:10:00 BST by Port Sudan- Omer Mohammed Fadallah The President of the Republic, Omer Al Bashir inaugurated Swakin Veterinary Quarantine that marks the transition of the said work from Port Sudan to Swakin.

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim said, during the opening ceremony the quarantine which has a capacity of 3,750,000 heads will help in increasing the Sudan's export of livestock affirming the provision of all the health requirements required by the World Organization for Animal Health and importing countries. The head of the General Administration of Veterinary Quarantines at the Ministry of Animal Resources, Dr. Suleiman Jaber explained that they have worked to solve the problem of water by establishing desalination plant besides drilling three wells. Livestock Exporters Division announced its readiness to start the season of sacrifice at the beginning of the next Ramadan.  The head of the Division, Ahmad Idris said that the new quarantine will reduce the cost whereas all the operations will be through the port of Swakin.