July 30, 2003

Airplane crashes on emergency landing near Port Sudan

A Boeing 737 jet aircraft crashed into the earth 5 km east of the Port
Sudan airport, killing all but one of the 116 passengers and crew. The
flight had taken off from Port Sudan 15 minutes earlier, but had
reported that one of the two engines had failed. The plane was returning
for an landing in the dark, but misaligned the landing, and crashed on a
go-around to try again. The Sudan Airways plane disintegrated on impact
at 4:17 am. A two year old boy survived.


July 1, 2003

Kassala flooded after Gash River overflows banks

Heavy rains in July, 2003 raised the water level so high the river overflowed into the town. Mud houses were swept away, and businesses destroyed. - Ten percent of the population were left homeless. More than 75 schools were damaged, the central hospital was damaged, and pumping systems for water were damaged. Telephones ceased to work. Fresh water supplies became contaminated, and sanitation systems broke down.
Source: http://www.ockenden.org.uk/index.asp?id=766