November 1, 2006

Kassala - Hameshkoreib road cleared of mines

A United Nations Mine Action Office was established in Kassala in April 2005. It coordinates mine action activities with in the 3 Eastern States (Al Gadaref, Kassala and Red Sea). The work in Kassala had been funded and supported by UNMIS till September 2006, but is now being funded through the VTF (Voluntary Trust Fund) a humanitarian fund managed by UNOPS/UNMAS New York. The Kassala office employs one ten man Manual Clearance team and two survey teams. A bulletin published by the United Nations Joint Logistics Center stated that:

"United Nations Mine Action Office clearance of the road from Kassala to Hameskoreib is now complete and the road is open. This is the only confirmed clear access to Hameshkoreib from Kassala."