January 1, 2004

HIV/AIDS among people in East Sudan

A trainer uses a video in the programme on awareness, education and
prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Sudanese government programmes of public education have only been active
since about 2002. Help from other nations such as the UK have provided
funds to support NGOs to teach people readily at risk [truck drivers and
prostitutes, for instance.] Groups such as the army, and police are
interested in learning. Interest in learning has been growing, though
there remains much ignorance about AIDS.
Muslim religious leaders [imams] are key people for influencing the
community and have identified a conundrum regarding the distribution of
condoms. If they aren't given out, men who have illicit sex may pass the
disease on, and if they are given out, the donors may be assumed to
approve of the illicit sexual behaviour.

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IRIN News in January 2008 published an article describing the
impact of HIV?AIDS on truckers and "tea-sellers."

UPDATE: January 2008. Description of efforts to support people living with Aids in Red Sea State