September 2, 2009

State Governor commended

In a September 1 editorial, the Governor of the Red Sea State was pointed out as a good example of a politician who is concerned for development in his region.

"The other sample to be commended for the effort it is exerting on development projects is the Red Sea State. Its Governor has launched huge infrastructural projects and is continuously encouraging local and international investors and other economic ventures in the State.

"The Governor, Mohammed Tahir Eilla is stationed in the State capital, Port Sudan and he rarely visits Khartoum and is always staying within his state for further supervision and following up of the execution of the projects. Red Sea State is ideal for investment projects and the Governor and his team have a broad vision in their state and have made allocation of infrastructure projects including roads, electricity and water network.

"The State has constructed 30 model villages equipped with all the basic services. The State Government has also succeeded in establishing 5 hospitals besides noticeable projects within the state. One of the most renowned projects is a regional highway which connects the State with Egypt and this road has reached its final stage of construction and another is the water network and is aimed at connecting the State with River Nile as sustainable source for the State.

"Port Sudan city has witnessed many projects from infrastructure to services, tourism and recreation and now many visitors come to Port Sudan and this suggests that the city is flourishing rapidly thus gaining the pride of the modern cities."

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