June 21, 2011

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Bashir: Sudan will not be contentious between Egypt and Sudan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 10: 25    Local news

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to Halaib mentor will be an area for networking and integration and exchange of experiences and benefits with the State of Egypt, stressing at the same time that the Halaib issue would be resolved shortly and that it will not be a cause for differences between the two countries.

Sudanese President said during his meeting with city public ausiv local Halaib after opening a number of basic development projects that the Egyptian revolution represents a real shift in relations between the two countries, revealing that the Government of the Sudan earlier by former rulers of Egypt in dealing with a positive vision beyond political boundaries between the two countries, adding "we told them that the colonial border in the Sudan, we consider our Mediterranean."

President Al-Bashir confirmed that Halaib will not be subject to differences between the two countries after the Egyptian youth revolution and haiahm extended pay special tribute to the people of Egypt.

Sudan's Beshir vowed that education shall be compulsory for all citizens,  vowing that the Government take legal action against those who violate the said compulsory Government's commitment to continuing education-for-food programme.

President Al-Bashir, Minister of livestock and fisheries d. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim to begin immediately to establish a quarry veterinarian bausiv to facilitate the export of livestock to the sisterly Egypt.


Al Bashir: Government Committed to Providing Services to Eastern Sudan
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President Al Bashir Sunday affirmed hios government commitment to supply Eastern Sudan with all necessary services.

Addressing a mass rally in Sinkat Locality, during his current visit to Red Sea State, Al Bashir called on them to concert their efforts with the north, to achieve a sustainable development in the country, besides providing southern and northern citizens with the essential facilities.

Addressing a mass rally yesterday in the locality of Haya, Red Sea state, he said the government would continue programs aimed at providing services to citizens and achieving a balanced development. Al Bashir affirmed that the strategy of the government does not discriminate between urban and rural citizens, rather priority is given to urgent needs: food, health and education.

He said that projects, which have been inaugurated in the locality of Haya, are the rights of its people. “That is their [government] responsibility before Allah,” he stated.

Al Bashir inaugurated the premises of Dordaib locality, Red Sea, executed by Osok Company at estimated cost of above SDG 3 millions. He also inaugurated Dordain more than one megawatt electricity grid, which cost above SDG 16 million funded by East Reconstruction and development Fund. 

He inaugurated a high school for boys in Dordaib at more than one million pounds funded by the state’s government.  His Excellency inaugurated a number of facilities in the locality of Haya included Haya hospital, whose construction cost above SDG5 millions funded by the government of the state. He inaugurated ambulance project, three ambulances supplied at a cost of more than 2.5 million each funded by the state’s government. He inaugurated a multi story medical cadres’ house in Haya constructed at three millions to meet the needs of medical personnel operating in the locality.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eillla, the Governor of the Red Sea State, said the inaugurated service and development projects in the locality of Dordaib symbolized loyalty to the people who pledged their allegiance to Al Engaz and supported the National Congress Party in past general elections.

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