February 29, 2012

No leadership roles for Beja in SRF

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) announced the composition of its Leadership Council after the election of Malik Agar of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) as chairman of the rebel alliance.

While there are some Justice and Equality Movement  [JEM] members on the leadership council, the report at AllAfrica did not list any Beja Congress people. The Council is dominated by SPLM-N members.

The SRF was founded in November, and the Beja Congress joined a week after it formed. Their goal is to overthrow the regime of Al-Bashir.

In South Kordovan, the Sudan Armed Forces [SAF] has been harassing civilians fleeing war and obstructing humanitarian aid  over the past few weeks. On Sunday, February 26, a military operation attacked the SAF garrison in Jow in South Kordovan, and made off  with  
  •  Four military tanks
  •  Over 50 pickup trucks mounted with military guns
  •  10 Large transport trucks
  •  7 Fuel tanker-trucks
  •  various supplies and ammunition.

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