February 16, 2012

Short news - mid February

BEJA CULTURAL DAY. This February 2 event for government officials in Washington DC got picked up by All Africa.  Report on the day's events by the IRD.

FAITH.  Two stories in one article. Christ follower evangelist in Khartoum arrested. Government officials are enabling the advancement of Islam by reducing the role of the church. There are complicated legalities, but surely they could come to an agreement before destroying property.

PROPANE and GAS SUPPLY. In Aswan, propane has been in short supply, and people were having to line up and pay a high price. Gas for vehicles is in short supply too. aswan.akbarya

SPORTS. Sudan's soccer team was able to advance into the quarter finals of the AllAfrica Cup of Nations tournament for the first time in 42 years. They defeated Burkino Faso 2-1. On February 4, Zambia beat Sudan 3-0, and went on to become the continental winners on February 12.

Beja Congress LEADERSHIP: An internal rift is developing inside the Beja Congress leadership as two approaches toward the Nation Congress Party are being promoted. One side is adamantly against the existing regime, and has significant support in England, while the other side is organizing a conference in Cairo for early March. Should Beja Congress members even associate with the current government? A new group is being developed, the Beja Front for Liberation and Justice. sudanile.com  sakanab.co.uk

REMEMBRANCE. As some Beja and other human rights activists demonstrated, or held conferences, a few were also arrested after reminding whoever would listen that the government officials had killed 22 Beja in Port Sudan on January 29, 2005. The people arrested have been released.  Girifna

ANNOUNCEMENT. Didn't the governments of Sudan and Egypt proclaim a plan to build a road south from Aswan to Wadi Halfa? Thought I recently saw that somewhere...

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