October 28, 2011

$50 million in 2011 for agriculture in east Sudan

The Islamic Bank for development has allocated the amount of $250 million USD for the rehabilitation projects of the agricultural sector in the three states of east Sudan within the context of the donor’s projects.

The executive manager of the east rehabilitation and development fund, eng. Abu Obeida Mohamed Duj, said the detailed study of the rehabilitation project of Halfa agricultural project rehabilitation has been completed and submitted to the Islamic bank for development for the approval of $50 million USD for the Year 2011 to commence the project’s work.

He added that the study will include the irrigation network axis, the agricultural research work and the veterinary services ,agricultural roads and introducing animals in the cultivation unit, providing the credit facilities ,the water connection for users, the social services, the institutional support, the legal situation and the project implementation unit.

He pointed that the studies were completed for rehabilitating Tokar and Algash projects and the work is continuing in preparing the detailed studies for the projects of developing the machinery cultivation in Gadarif and the horticulture cultivation in the three states, the studies will be presented to the bank every year for five years to approve each project alone annually.

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