October 2, 2011

Gold mine to expand in Nubian Desert

The Hassai gold mine as been the source of digging for 20 years, and the operators are planning to expand it. It is located east of Atbara, north of Musmar.

The current pit technology has reached its limits, and gold production is shrinking. A new technology will be implemented in 2015, which will allow gold production to return to higher volumes for a few years more. Copper will also be extracted from the earth.

An article by Reuters explains the new developments, published at Sudan net

Company details are watched on a gold site. Charts, stock prices, etc.

A press release [pdf download] from the company proclaimed the latest test drilling results a few weeks ago.

Documents from the company explain the operations. About 500 Beja are employed on site.

This article at Sudan. net offers a few more details.

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