January 14, 2012

TEDx in Port Sudan

A one day conference on January 21 to encourage thinking about education as a right for the citizens of Sudan.

Speakers include
  • Osama Regaah
    Sudanese writer an expert in legal affairs.
  • Ahmed Sadig
    Professional trainer,Interested in youth issues
  • Anwar Dafa-Alla
    Dr. Anour F.A. Dafa-Alla (Aka AnwarKing) , who translated more than 600 TED talks into Arabic, was born in Port Sudan, Sudan in 1978.
  • Dr. Ghada Kadoda
    Workshop Programme Chair at KMCA 2012
  • Mohammed Abu-Bakr
    Director of “Education Without Borders”
  • Stephen Musyoka
    Social Media Consultant at One Percent Club
Videos that will be shown include:

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