January 12, 2012

Remembering the January 29 massacre

In early 2005, a demonstration by Beja people was held in the streets of Port Sudan as they awaited a response from the governor of the Red Sea State to respond to a series of demands they had presented to him the day before. The next day, on January 29, the government used a large team of security men to disperse the gathering and quell the small scale riots that had occurred.

Over twenty Beja people were killed and many were injured. A curfew was established. Arrests were made. In a few months, the Beja Congress had joined the Rashaida Free Lions to create the Eastern Front as a means to put political and militia pressure upon the existing governments.

Discussion on social network sites and forums is increasing as the Beja plan to remember this event in a few weeks.

 This facebook page has a good amount of content and is regularly updated.   http://tiny.cc/dudqw

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