January 17, 2012

Short news items - mid-January

TEDx is a conference taking place on January 21, 2012 in Alsalam Hall. The topics are about education in rural Sudan. Registration is free, beginning on January 14. Check out the website.

The United Nations is working with Sudan government to help improve refugee camps near Kassala where 86,000 Eritreans live. AllAfrica    The ethnic Arab Rashaida tribe is accused of exploiting, kidnapping, abusing and trafficking some of the 2,000 monthly asylum seekers.  AllAfrica

The office of the Assistant to the President of Sudan was able to provide about 200 scholarships for Beja-background students to study at universities and colleges in Sudan during 2011. Ten graduate level scholarships were available too.  BejaCongress.net

Plans are underway to construct an electrical generating plant about 75 kilometers north of Port Sudan on the coast of the Red Sea. Using coal from South Africa, Erkiaa power station would also run a large sea water desalination project that would provide fresh water to coastal towns. The federal Ministry of Electricity is for it, while environmentalists and the Red Sea State are against it.  http://alhadag.com/

Hotels and hostel accommodation were overflowing on New Years holiday as too many tourists came to Port Sudan to celebrate. Estimates are that 16,000 tourists came to Port Sudan to celebrate.

A huge celebration of Beja culture took place on December 24, 2011. Over 5000 people attended official speeches after a parade from south of Port Sudan. Many tribal leaders and government officials were present. Source.

A horrific accident occurred on the highway 180 kilometers east of Atbara. Fifteen people were killed and 31 were injured.   BejaCongress.net

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