December 24, 2011

SRF December meeting - statement

Closing statement for the meeting of the Political Committee of the Supreme Revolutionary Front, the Sudanese

The Political Committee of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front held a regular meeting from 19 to 21 December 2011. They  addressed the following topics: -
1. Humanitarian issues in war zones
Manaseer sit-in and human rights situation in Sudan
Contacts with the Sudanese political forces
Take a tour of regional and international to explain the positions of the Revolutionary Front to mobilize support by the Sudanese people
Review the findings of the Commission on the political vision and program
Review arrangements for the first conference of the front
The meeting concluded the following with this statement:
- In respect of the humanitarian situation of the meeting stressed that the continuation of the system in the bombing of civilians and refusing to open safe corridors for the delivery of humanitarian needs is a war crime and demand the following: 
Stop the bombing of civilians and calls on the international community to take up duties in the protection of civilians
Open safe corridors for the delivery of humanitarian needs of those affected
Formation of an international commission to investigate the Alapadhaljmaih crimes and violations of human rights. The meeting also demanded the release of all prisoners of war and the two detainees in the prison system.
- People sit Manaseer area: We affirm our support for all Almtdharrien of dams and standing fully with the masses and call Manasir membership Sudanese Revolutionary Front of Solidarity with the people of all shapes and call Manasir Almtdharrien of dams for joint work with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front to overthrow the system.
Confirmed that the Political Committee of condemnation of all violations of human rights and war crimes committed by the day and will be the Sudanese Revolutionary Front of a committee of lawyers and legal members of the Revolutionary Front for the follow-up issues of human rights abuses and the release of prisoners of war. The two detainees and follow-up issues and Nazhieddin Allajieyen in all of Sudan.
- Complete all preparations for holding the first conference of the Revolutionary Front as soon as possible was assigned to the Political Committee to resolve administrative issues and the completion of documents required for approval at the conference at a time specified by the Conference
- Stop the meeting on the findings of the Committee of the vision and programs and the proposal of a unified face to go out and leave the final vision and programs of the competence of the Conference at the meeting.
- With regard to communications with the political forces of the meeting stressed the need for contact with all political forces opposed to the system of disease forces that welcomed and asked to join the RUF.
- Allhna also set up a detailed plan for the external work started yet regional and international visits to support the struggle of the Sudanese people from the beginning of mid-January.

Finally, the Sudanese Revolutionary Front assure the Sudanese at home and abroad, said the system could rescue the sun has set and the only way in front of our people is dropping part of the co-frequency and frequency of participation in the dawn of freedom and salvation came to inevitably.
The Political Committee of the Supreme


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