December 29, 2011

Review - Situation in East Sudan

There has been a number of developments in East Sudan over the past few months.

With deteriorating harvest conditions, a humanitarian crisis is developing. The central government in Khartoum continues to refrain from developing the eastern part of the country. Political groups from around the country have banded together to seek regime change through political and possible military action.

The progressive news media source,, based in Beruit, Lebanon has published a review of developments in East Sudan, with a focus on the Beja participation.

AS THE humanitarian crisis in eastern Sudan reaches alarming levels, past allies have banded together again to demand development in impoverished region
More than ever, Eastern Sudan seems ready for its revolution “against marginalization.”
Locals of the region are once again gathering their weapons. Political leaders in the eastern region assert that they are ready to make choices in order to eliminate the injustices brought upon them, especially with regard to the deteriorating humanitarian condition that has now reached its worst levels. etc. etc.

Read the file online. Download a pdf. Original, in Arabic.

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