December 26, 2011

Arabic dreams in Sudan

Wealthy investors from Arabia plan to spend $20 BILLION to convert a remote uninhabited windswept Red Sea island into a playground for wealthy tourists. [Also noted as being $11 billion.]

The unbelievable plans include the world's tallest building designed in the shape of a cob of corn. Much taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Al Hosaini will be 1750m | 5741ft tall.

Marinas for 2,400 boats and 700 yachts will be built, and an international airport. Mekouar Island will eventually house 150,000 residents, and host 90,000 tourists each month. It is located about 80 kilometers north of Port Sudan, and 200 km across the Red Sea from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The president of Sudan attended the laying of a foundation stone a week ago. Details of the [proposed] plan were released to the media.

There is limited fresh water, if any, on the island, and no electricity service. No road access from Sudan exists. For analysis in Arabic and English, and over 90 comments, visit skycraper city.

UPDATE. Apparently this island was -sold- to Arabian investors. Price not disclosed. Where does it go, what kind of deal was made?

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