October 29, 2011

Tourism hopes in east Sudan

Reuters has published a friendly overview of some activities in Red Sea State. The article describes reasons for hope that tourists will be attracted to the region, and thus help out with the declining economic fortunes of Sudan.

One project on the go is the repair of the Ottoman style Customs House on Suakin Island. As reported here at adroub.net NEWS the Turkish government promised a year ago at the Kuwait Development Conference to rehabilitate the structure. About 60 local workers have been hired to help.

The article notes the following difficulties.
  • infrequent air service to Port Sudan
  • US government warns their citizens about travel to the area
  • government operation of touristic activites, rather than the private sector
  • government decisions based in Khartoum, 1,100 km away
  • permits required for travel inside Sudan
  • police nervousness with tourists.
The article also noted reasons for tourists to come east
  • relaxed lifestyle, access to water pipes
  • restored historic buildings
  • beautiful beaches
  • Red Sea diving opportunities
  • five star hotel has opened
Read the entire article here.

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