October 19, 2011

Eritreans deported from Sudan

The 300 Eritreans who were arrested in northern Sudan over a month ago have been deported.

They were on their way to Egypt. We noted this event here on adroub.net NEWS on September 14.

United Nations officials had wanted the Khartoum administration to examine all of them to see if any were legitimately in Sudan, but it appears this screening was not performed.

From AllAfrica: 

The United Nations refugee agency today condemned the deportation of more than 300 Eritrean refugees and asylum-seekers by Sudan after weeks of detention and in spite of a previous agreement with the UN.

Adrian Edwards, a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told reporters at a press briefing in Geneva that his agency was concerned that the rights of refugees were not being respected, even though Sudanese authorities had assured otherwise, and said Sudan's actions breached the agreement between his agency and the Government.

UPDATE October 28, 2011. Details of the deportation of the 300 [317, 351?] are supplied in this article. It goes on to analyze the nature of claiming asylum, and explains a bit about how the process is supposed to work. Examples are given of how Sudan has not followed international law, in that Eritreans were deported without the proper screening process that should be applied to people claiming refugee status. Long, but worth reading to understand the issues around crossing borders.

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