May 1, 2012

Land use conflict example - Darfur

millet crops North Darfur

Millet crops North Darfur flickr photo [2004]

The rural countryside can lose it's grazing pastures as the dry season comes. Pastoralist herders need to move their animals to good pastureland. In Darfur, right now, the only land used to grow plants is for settled farmers.

What to do? What should the camel herder do? In this situation, they got out their guns.

Kireinick — Jjrbox farmers in West Amotjoke of Kireinick locality in West Darfur have complained of camel herders grazing in their farms and causing destruction by force of arms.

A farmer from Jjrbox told Radio Dabanga that the they had repeatedly tried to talk to the camel herders, asking them not to travel through the farms.

However they responded by opening fire and allowing their camels to graze. He added the police would not act when the farmers reported trespassing.

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