May 2, 2012

Construction projects in east Sudan

A few large road construction projects have just been announced. With the loss of oil income, Sudan is aggressively pursuing enlarged agricultural efforts. To support the vegetable production in the Tokar region, studies for establishing a tomato canning plant are underway.

A loan agreement with Morocco will provide $200 million, to improve 420 km of roads in east Sudan, and to construct 3 bridges in the region.

In the Tokar region, mesquite trees need to be removed to allow increased vegetable and millet production. The European Union is helping support the plans for a vegetable canning factory.

Also in the news...
About cotton production...

Over the entire country, production of cotton in 2008 was only one tenth of the volume in the 1990s. Plans are to increase the number of acres of cotton production.
Growing season     # of feddans in production
2011-2012             0,400,000
2012-2013             0,800,000
2013-2014             2.200,000
one feddan is almost the same as an acre of land.

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