November 3, 2011

Riots in Kassala, 13 year old killed

Kassala Police say that there a confrontation between themselves and smugglers of sorghum. A child was shot and killed.

What's the reality? Reports say a 13 year old was killed by police. No reports on how that happened. Citizens were enraged, and threw stones at riot police and set fire to two police cars the next day, on Tuesday, November 1, 2011. Another child was shot by police and seriously injured.

Kassala is the centre of demonstrations over the rising price of foodstuffs, for a few weeks now.

Read the complete account at AllAfrica.

Another account has these details.

Police used teargas to break up a protest in eastern Sudan on Tuesday after police killed a 13-year old boy while chasing a truck, a witness said.

Hundreds of residents gathered in the city of Kassala near the border with Eritrea on Tuesday after the 13-year boy died. A 12-year old boy was also injured during the chase.

"Police used teargas to disperse the protest. People are very angry," said [unnamed] witness.

A police spokesman said the boy had been killed accidentally when police opened fire on a truck they suspected was carrying smuggled food. He said police in Kassala are investigating the incident.

Sudanese Online.

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