November 19, 2011

Education Conference - next January

The TED talks are coming to Port Sudan on January 21, 2012 in Alsalam Hall.

TED conferences are a worldwide phenomena. They offer excellent speakers who talk about their special areas of expertise in technology, entertainment and design. Almost 1000 talks are available in Arabic [subtitles]. People can watch the videos online. They are designed to run only 18 minutes or less.

The plan is that about 1000 participants will come to see the presentations. Topics will be about solutions that work to advance the process of education in rural areas. Urban areas often get good education. How can rural students also get a good education? Perhaps there are strategies or technologies that will show how it can be done.

The hope is that the intellectuals, businessmen and educators will learn from the examples of the speakers and from one another. Can Sudan improve the education of the Beja and all the citizens in the country?

 Sourced from Port Sudan Online.

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