August 2, 2011

Confusion inside the Beja Congress

An inappropriate release of a policy statement of Beja Congress by a foreign office has caused the central committee in Sudan to review the control of their representatives in other countries.

Representatives of the Beja Congress in England issued a statement calling for a change in the federal regime in Khartoum. A couple of days later, a statement was issued from the Foreign Offices of the Beja Congress that said they condemned the first statement.

The English group is headed by Mrs. Zeinab Issa Kabashi. The English statement was developed after a meeting took place to discuss the situation now that South Sudan had proclaimed independence. The group noted the [north] government was having a constitutional crisis, economic collapse, disturbances in security, and policies design to marginalize eastern Sudan in terms of community structure and economic development. Further reasons were offered, leading to an aggressive call for broad action against the existing government.

The first call for action in the statement called for democratic forces and civil society and the armed movements and the masses of eastern Sudan, and our children in the armed forces and the lovers of peace and democracy to engage in unified action to topple the revolutionary regime. This would allow the restoration of democracy and the independence of the judicial system in [north] Sudan.

The English statement decried the dictatorship and offered ideas for Beja people to accelerate the drop of the system. It closed with two powerful phrases. Long live the struggle of the Beja -
Glory and eternity for the martyrs of democracy.

In turn, the Foreign Office of the Beja Congress issued a statement that condemned the English statement and pointed out that Mrs. Zeinab Kabashi is not a member of the current central leadership. It pointed out that no consultation had occurred between the English group and the Sudan-based group before the English statement was released.

The Foreign Offices called for proper internal procedures for electing Beja Congress leaders and invited members to work together to avoid conflict and maintain security.

The source for the English statement appears to have been removed. Sorry.
The reply from the BC was published on  مؤتمر البجا يوضح ويحذر

UPDATE: Turns out the Beja Congress has beenmore upset about internal elections.Here's a statement published on Saturday, August 6.

Beja Congress denies the statement in relation to Zainab Kabashi
In a statement was distributed widely denied that the leaders of the Beja Congress abroad any links to a statement published in some websites announced the appointment of one of the leaders of the National Congress in the Red Sea as secretary-general of the Beja Congress, said in a statement of leadership that it has extensive contacts between them was agreed to condemn the statement which was signed Mrs. Zainab Kabashi, especially with the professor Mr. Aboamna As is known to all is a leading member of the National Congress Party and former state secretary of his youth Red Sea. 

 The statement also said that Mrs. Zainab Kabashi England as head of the branch office has no authority to appoint members to the central office at home unless the purpose of its statement to form a new organization parallel to the Beja Congress and a pro-authority. Leaders also emphasized that Mr. Syed Aboamna one day a member of the organization of the Beja Congress also confirmed that he is not at all the meeting of the Office of the Beja Congress in England or anywhere else to discuss any of the topics referred to in the statement of Mrs. Zainab Kabashi. 
 The leaders confirmed that it has contacted all the organizations, movements and forces of the margin and civil society organizations and all the strong opposition and warned of the penetration of elements of power under the name of the Beja Congress and that the President of the Office of the Beja Congress in Britain did not grant authority to an official spokesman for the Beja Congress. Department and call blocs strong margin and democratic organizations under any circumstances as it is not a member of the leadership positions in the central organization. 
As expected, the appointment of a member of the ruling party in a leadership position of the Beja Congress has created a wave of anger amid the masses of the organization.

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