August 30, 2011

Bashir contradicts constitution

The President of Sudan made a speech at the end of Ramadan, where he essentially ignored Sudeanse who are not Muslims. This demonstrates a lack of respect for the constitution of the country which allows freedom of religion. However, it is well known that Bashir wants to run the country of Sudan along Islamic lines in governance, jurisprudence and culture.

From allAfrica.

"Al-Bashir congratulated the Sudanese people, Tuesday [August 30] on the advent of Eid Al-Fitr.

"President Al-Basher in his speech renewed commitment to defend Islam and the option of the implementation of the Islamic teachings represented in the values of freedom, justice, sincerity, loyalty, love and sacrifice.

"He called on the Sudanese people to unite and to be sincere to Allah and the teachings of Prophet Mohamed who lights our minds and hearts by combating ignorance and illiteracy and defending values and morals."

Note on religion in Sudan. The 1958 constitution had declared Islam to be "the official religion of the state"; the 1973 constitution stated "In the democratic republic of the Sudan the religion is Islam." The 1998 constitution says,  "Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience and religion and the right to manifest and disseminate his religion or belief in teaching, practice or observance. No one shall be coerced to profess a faith in which he does not believe or perform rituals or worship that he does not voluntarily accept."

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