September 18, 2013

Museum to feature East Sudan might be built

Assistant of the President of the Republic, Musa Mohamed Ahmed, Monday received in his office at the Republican Palace the Dean of Fine Arts and Design Faculty at Al-Mustaqbal University, Prof, Hussein Jama'an Omer, and discussed the possibility of establishment of a museum for Sudan heritage in general and for heritage of East Sudan especially.

Prof, Jama'an said in a press statement after the meeting that he acquainted the Assistant of the President of the Republic on richness of the Sudanese heritages and reached agreement with him to conduct a comprehensive study for building a museum in Khartoum to include works on the Sudanese folklore and East Sudan artistic works.

He affirmed that he felt understanding and support of the Assistant of the President to the idea, explaining that efforts are underway to find a site in Khartoum for building the museum.

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