June 7, 2012

Analysis: Aid NGO expulsion

Further discussion has been posted at Enoughproject.org   [Khartoum’s Pattern of Neglect Continues in Eastern Sudan as Government Expels Aid Groups  June 5, 2012]

The decision last week by the Sudanese Humanitarian Affairs Commission, or HAC, to suspend projects in the deeply impoverished East is yet another example of Khartoum’s continued pattern of obstruction and neglect of peripheral areas.
Though rarely in the international news headlines, the East has been plagued by similar patterns of discrimination and disenfranchisement as the other peripheral areas of Sudan. The East has shockingly poor humanitarian indicators, largely the result of Khartoum’s sustained neglect.
Until a comprehensive strategy to promote inclusive constitutional reform and democratic transformation for all communities within Sudan is adopted Khartoum will continue to use humanitarian aid, and the lives of those dependent on it, as a political tool.

Read the complete article, it's not too long.

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