March 30, 2012

Four Free research papers about the Beja

Suakin, looking NE toward the Red Sea. 1950? 

1. Reviving Suakin - a plan to restore the city
A 12 page paper that describes a possible approach to restoring the city. Includes maps, illustrations and photos. Buildings were built of coral blocks, and after Port Sudan gained regional dominance for shipping, Suakin fell into sharp decline, and the buildings have fallen into ruin, for lack of maintenance. A paper by Rahim Salim, 1997.

2. Conflict prevention, management and resolution mechanisms used by the Beja
A 16 page paper that describes different ways that the Beja have adopted to resolve disputes and conflicts. Details about the Rashaida-Handandawa conflict are offered. Khalid Ali el Amin discusses intra-tribal disputes and various mediation and reconciliation processes. Published in the African Security Review, 2004.

3. Participatory evaluation with pastoralists in Sudan
How do you know if an aid programme is any good? What changes should be made to improve them? This 6 page paper describes the result of efforts to include the Beja people in evaluating programmes offered to help them. Special training was offered by aid agency people to help the local Beja to review the success of development programmes. Has photos. Download from the International Institute for Environment and Development. Published in PLA Notes, August 2003.

4. Beja. Local conflict, marginalisation, and the threat to regional security
The Canadian John Young interviewed some Beja people in September and October 2006 to prepare this 20 page paper. It reviews the recent historic situation of the Beja, and examines the marginalization of their society. This document was published just before the ESPA was signed, so it gives an excellent survey of politics and the negotiating positions of the Beja Congress and the Eastern Front. It is available from DSpace

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