August 1, 2010

Red Sea State officials [Sudan] visit Eritrea

Reporting from Asmara, All said that a Sudanese delegation headed by the Administrator of the Sudanese Red Sea region, Dr. Mohammad Tahir Ela, which also includes the region's legislative Assembly and the National Congress Party, as well as representative of associations and organizations arrived in Asmara yesterday [July 28].
Dr. Mohammad Tahir Ela told ERINA that the purpose of the visit of the delegation at the invitation of the Administration of the Northern Red Sea region is to participate in the Eritrea National Festival. He further stated that the visit of both sides would enhance relations and cooperation between Eritrea and Sudan in general and the two regions in particular.
The Administrator of the Northern Red Sea region, Ms. Tsigereda Woldegergis, said that meetings would be held with a view to further developing and deepening the agreements reached earlier between the two regions.

UPDATE: August 4. This article describes further developments, such as road construction and improvements that will link Sudan and Eritrea.

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