April 12, 2010

Election- Violence in Red Sea State

Violence in Red Sea state on first day of polling
Radio Miraya 12/4/10 - the first polling day in the Red Sea State witnessed several irregularities, procedural problems and disputes. According to Beja Congress candidate for the Haya constituency, Ibrahim Al Dab, unknown men with light arms stormed into the polling center in Dalgeik area and kidnapped representatives of opposition party members stationed at the center. The Red Sea State High Elections Committee has also decided to withdraw and suspend the candidates list for the NCP in constituency five Port Sudan East, because two candidates had conflicting symbols in ballot papers. Moreover, several party representatives alleged to Radio Miraya that the NCP is using forged residency certificates. There were also allegations of ballot papers being swapped between Port Sudan constituencies eight and nine and that the papers of NCP's independent candidate for constituency nine, were duplicated. Generally, the turnout of citizens at the polling centers differed from one area to another. Centers in Al Diom East and areas dominated by NCP supporters recorded a high turnout, while fewer voters turned out at the centers in Al Diom South area, an area where many residents support pro-boycotting political parties like the SPLM and the Umma party. Logistic hiccups
plagued the first day of elections in Red Sea State with many voters confused by the complicated procedures and duplication in ballot papers taking an estimated 30 minutes to complete the voting process, leading to congestion in most polling centers.

source: UNMIS media monitoring report - April 12, 2010

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