February 11, 2010

Fish canning plant to be built on Red Sea Coast

Sudan Vision reports on Thursday Feb 11, that The Federal Ministry of Industry has announced launching of first project for fish-canning project in the region of the Red Sea. It is to be operational next May at estimated cost of $4.3million as a pilot project.

Engineer Ali Ahmed Osman, State Minister for Industry, said in a statement to Sudan Vision that the project would kick off as a result of efforts and coordination with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), affirming that the project will be extended to various regions in Sudan. Halfa Al Jedidda comes second priority, then the experience will be transferred to south Sudan as the region abounds in fish resource.
The state minister added that the project aims to meet the home need for fish before export, affirming that fisheries in Sudan have not seen development over the past years due to civil wars in the country.  


While we generally think of Beja as camel herders, or as labourers or marketers in urban areas or along highways, there are many Beja who fish -- sometimes using nets in shallow water, sometimes from small wooden boats.

Beja fisherman returning with nets
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