January 8, 2010

Beja Congress leader unhappy with UN sanctions

On December 23 2009, the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions against Eritrea because of its support for armed groups which are destabilizing Somalia. The resolution was introduced by the United States. Voting was 13 for, one against and one abstention.

Weapons sales to and from Eritrea were banned. Travel restrictions on the country's political and military leadership were imposed and and their assets were frozen.

A UN radio article about the sanction is here

About two weeks later, a joint meeting between the Eritrean Community in Sudan and the Eritrean-Sudanese Friendship Association was held. They denounced the sanction, proclaiming it unjust and without substance. A number of prominent politicians including Beja Congress leader Mussa Ahmed Mussa and Minister of Tourism in the Sudanese Red Sea Zone, Mr. Abdalla Kona said the resolution should be rejected.

The report of the meeting is here at the Eritrean Ministry of Information web site www.shabait.com

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