August 24, 2009

Peace Book Published

Norwegian researcher and writer Leif Manger has published a book that reviews the outcome of the 2006 peace agreement between the Eastern Front and the national government. It costs 25 euros.

Peace in Eastern Sudan
Some Important Aspects for Consideration

by Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed and Leif Manger 2009

The 2006 peace agreement brought an end to the fighting in Eastern Sudan. However, the process that was meant to follow has been slow to bring tangible results. The situation is complex with unresolved issues related to land use, irrigation schemes, access to the Red Sea, a growing urban population, and refugees from Ethiopia and Eritrea which all affect the political situation.

The book provides insight into the process of regional development that will come in the wake of the current peace agreement. This collection of papers, sponsored by the Norwegian MFA, draws on the competence built up through the Red Sea Area Programme (RESAP) - a research collaboration between institutions in Sudan and Norway.

Order the book here.

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