June 29, 2009

Rain delayed in central and north Sudan

The arrival of the rainy season in Sudan is slower this year than in previous years. The centre horizontal line on the map shows the average stage of rains for the past 30 years. This year the rains are further south [red line]. The implication of this is that rains will be shorter and have less volume this year.

Source- ReliefWeb: http://u.nu/4tnf

Further weather info for Africa

UPDATE: July 14, 2009.
Another report from Relief Web states that "According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), poor rains had prolonged a severe dry spell across most of Southern Sudan.

"The Famine Early Warning Systems Network, in its June update, warned that below-normal rains in May and mid-June had affected output during the April-July cropping season in areas such as Greater Equatoria.

"Poor rains from May to mid-June could also signal possible planting delays in many of the June-September-November cropping areas in the eastern/western flood plains and in the Nile-Sobat livelihood zones, the network noted.

More here> http://u.nu/43pj

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