January 7, 2008

Eastern Front representatives frustrated

Peace agreement not working, Eastern rebels tell Eritrea
(The Citizen) The Eastern Front is in Eritrea to tell the former rebel backers that the
peace agreement is hanging by a thread.
The Eastern front delegation, headed by Musa Mohamed Ahmed, yesterday arrived to Asmara Airport. The delegation, which included the Dr. Amna Dirar and Secretary General Dr. Mubarak Mabrouk, was received by the Eritrean Front executive member, Abdallah Jabir.

The EF leader Dr. Mohamed Abu Amna attacked GoNU saying that it is not a government of national unity as the National Congress Party has the majority in the parliament. He added that the Front representatives are completely neglected and have no real missions or responsibilities to do.

“Asmara agreement has done nothing to marginalized people of the East, and our people there are still suffering from ignorance, diseases and poverty”, he lamented. Abu Amna concluded by saying that the policy is to ‘divide and rule” and this is actually what is being done in the East.

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