September 1, 2006

Red Sea University to provide community education

In an interview conducted by Sudan Vision, Director of the Red Sea University [RSU] Dr. Mohamed Al Amin Hamza shared some ideas about the future of the school. Based in Port Sudan, and building on the foundation of Institute of Marine Sciences, established in 1971, the RSU now has six scientific faculties. Dr. Hamza noted that that professors are now coming out of RSU.

"The second generation of lecturers in some specialization were qualified by those lecturers who studied abroad. They will also assist in promoting and developing their performance in those specializations. As the Faculty [of Marine sciences] is quite a significant one, the Ministry of Higher Education paid attention to it. We started programmes of cooperation with some universities which are experienced in Marine Sciences, such as the University of Bergen in Norway."

When asked about offering assistance to the citizens of Red Sea State, Dr Hamza said, "The University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare in Red Sea State, will establish a number of social development centres in the various localities. This aims at developing women in rural areas to promote them in cultural, health, nutritional and professional fields, so that they can improve the family income to meet its needs. It is quite well known that eastern Sudan has a very high poverty rate. It is expected that all localities will have these centres. We started by establishing the Social Development Centre in Gabait. Port Sudan will have four centres."

The Red Sea University offers Bachelor level degrees in Education, Economy, Marine Sciences, and Earth Sciences. Masters and PhD degrees are in development. The RSU added a Faculty of Arts in 2006. Languages, History, Geography and Information are being added for the 2007-2008 academic year.

The Red Sea University has no website [June 2007].

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