January 7, 2005

Cold weather and drought in Eritrea

Reported in the weekly World Food Program Report

Severe frost damaged vegetables in the areas surrounding Asmara between 20 and 31 December 2004. The Ministry of Agriculture has distributed seeds to facilitate the replanting of vegetables.

(c) Due to shortages of fuel, irrigation farms could not pump enough water, thus, many vegetables and fruits are drying in many areas of southeastern Eritrea. Water in the dams is expected to last up to end January 2005, thereafter, acute water shortage is expected in Areza, Mai Mine, Tsorona, and Adi Keyih (southeastern Eritrea). According to information received from the Regional Ministry of Agriculture representative, pastoralists from this area are on the verge of migrating with their livestock towards the Northern Red Sea zone in search of water/grazing land for their animals.


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