January 3, 2012

Tourism - into southeast Egypt

Want to explore the coast of the Red Sea is southern Egypt? Travel with a couple of cosmopolitan writers from Cairo as they explore the region around Shalateen.

Though written 18 months ago, the articles are a delightful record of two tourists who get an inside view into a Bisharin wedding, see a sword dance and discover henna body art.
... After two days of haggling with security officials to obtain permits to enter Halayeb, (we never figured out why the government finds it so important to keep the triangle closed) we departed on a punishing, albeit rewarding, off-road drive into the mountains to attend a wedding. There, 150km from the nearest town, we learned about making henna and dancing with swords. Two days later we were walking through Roman temples and past ancient water wells tucked away in the mountains of Wadi el-Gemal, home to the largest population of gazelles in Egypt.

Seven articles in order, as published in the Cairo newspaper, almasryalyoum.com

A hunt for adventure

Shalateen - between a rock and a hard place

The long drive down

The hunt for truths

Beja wedding night in Elba protectorate

Beja style henna method

Farewell to the south

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