January 28, 2012

National Park visitor centre is a unique building

 Visitor Centre for Wadi El Gemal Park [Aga Khan Trust. Archnet.org]

In southeast Egypt, east of Aswan and just south of Marsa Alam, lies the Wadi El Gemal National Park. Inside the large park are interesting landforms, animal and plant life, as well as Roman ruins, significant religious sites, quarries, and indigenous communities of Ababda Beja. The combination of marine and terrestrial habitats represents an important integrated ecosystem.

Berch style house construction [Aga Khan Trust. Archnet.org]

Acacia tree. [Aga Khan Trust. Archnet.org]
The Visitor Center is an interesting architectural building. It is designed for the region, using local materials, and is styled on local house designs and the acacia tree.

The centre is not far from the Red Sea. [Aga Khan Trust. Archnet.org]

The Visitor Center offers snacks, a craft shop, interpretive items and a gathering area for guests. The Visitor Centre is located at the northern entrance to the park, about 50 kilometers south of Marsa Alam. It's located just off the coastal highway. It opened in 2009.

A series of 38 pictures in colour.
Black and white pictures with detailed descriptions.
The architect includes the building in his portfolio.
Really big colour pics, and floor plan.

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