January 16, 2012

Red Sea State government officials named

The Governor of the Red Sea State, Mohamed Tahir Aila, issued Sunday a number of decisions on appointment of ministers, commissioners and advisors in the Red Sea State.
The decisions included appointment of Abdul-Gadir Jaafar of the Democratic Unionist Party (origin) as the Minister of Agriculture, Al-Saddiq Ali Hussein Al-Melaik of the Federal Umma party as the Minister of the Higher Council for Culture, Information and Sports and Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed Kunna of the Beja Congress as the Minister of Tourism.
The decisions included appointment of Amira Mohamed Osman as the Minister of Education, Salah Siral-Khatim Kunna as the Minister of Finance, Engineer Hamid Salih Al-Sanay as the Minister of Social Planning, Abdul-Rahman Bilal as the Minister of Health, Mohamed Mahmoud Darbakani as the Minister of Urban Planning and Osman Mahmoud Ahmed as the Minister of Economic Affairs.
The Governor of the Red Sea also issued a decision appointing Omer Oshaik as the Commissioner of Durdaib Locality, Ahmed Taha Fagiri as the Commissioner of Halaib Locality, Shaiba Mohamed Babiker as the Commissioner of Port-Sudan, mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud as the Commissioner of Suakin Locality.
It also appoints Ibrahim Tahir Al-Hassan as the Commissioner of Haya Locality, Sharif Tahir Al-Melaik as the Commissioner of Sinkat, Abdalla Abu-Shar as the Commissioner of Al-Oleb, Abdalla Hussein as the Commissioner of Toker, Ali Saeed Sukar as the Commissioner of Agig Locality and Eissa hamad Shaik a the Commissioner of Jabait.
He further issued decisions appointing three Advisers of the Governor who are Buthaina Al-Shafie of the National Congress, Salih Salah Saeed of the Free Lions and Shaiba Dirar of the National Congress.



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