January 25, 2012

Christians pray for Beja tribes

Some followers of Christ have been praying for the Beja people over the past few days.

According to the Global Prayer Digest, each day they are directed to pray for a different "people group" around the world. The Beja were identified as Bedawie, Bisharin, Hadendoa, and Beni Amer peoples.

The Beja were described as:
The estimated two million Bedawi Bejas are independent, clinging to their traditions, culture, language, and nomadic lives. Muslim in identity only, they often are under pressure from neighboring Arabs to adopt the Arabic language and follow a more conventional Islamic way of life. Some Bejas work as farmers, and a few work at low paying jobs in cities.

Christians have been in prayer before God for the Beja. They were invited to pray that
... many Christ followers will dedicate themselves to lasting friendships with the Bedawi Bejas, which will open the way for them to know Christ and His Word. Pray God’s Word will saturate their hearts, minds, and souls forever.
Pray that we [the Christ followers] will allow the Lord to be Lord over all aspects of our lives, so that His purposes will prevail. Not our will, but His be done!

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