December 2, 2011

Short Bits of Mixed news

The Fifth Tourist Festival for East Sudan was launched in the Port Sudan stadium on December 1. Not enough people were there to watch the displays, so schoolchildren were brought in to see the shows. The festival continues with various events until mid February, 2012. Think of it as an extended advertising campaign for Sudanese to visit the east [internal country tourism.]

Elections in Egypt were successfully held last weekend, and voting equipment was brought in to Hala'ib region from the north. Reports are that hundreds of people were denied the right to vote because they had no proper Egyptian identification.

In April, 2010, Sudanese elections were held, but voting by Hala'ib citizens were not allowed even though attempts were made to include them. Sudan wants to negotiate on control over the Hala'ib region, offering three options to explore administration.

Sit-ins at Manasir [near the new Merowe Dam on the Nile River] continue for 2 weeks now. The Manasir people are fed up with the lack of compensation and care after their towns were swallowed up by the lake behind the dam, from even 5 years ago. Beja have acted in solidarity with these marginalized tribespeople.

A document calling for help for the people of South Tokar is getting distribution. A humanitarian disaster has occurred, and publicity and supplies are requested.

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