November 24, 2011

Church calls for peace after synod meeting

The Episcopal Church of Sudan held a three day business meeting in mid-November, and released a communiqué calling for peace in the countries where it operates. The church organization covers congregations in both Sudan and South Sudan.

Signed by the Archbishop, the leader of the clergy and the leader of the lay representatives, the document began with a reaffirmation of core commitments. The first one is to serve Jesus by proclaiming the Gospel.
The ECS synod reaffirmed its commitment to serving Jesus Christ in both Sudan and South Sudan through the continued proclamation of the Gospel, through national and international advocacy efforts for peace and reconciliation between the communities of conflict in Sudan and South Sudan, and through service delivery in the areas of healthcare, education and social development.
The post-synod document also declared with a bit of detail what efforts the church would take in each of four areas: proclaiming the Gospel, National and International Adocacy Efforts,  Service Delivery and Stewardship and care of our environment.

In Proclaiming the Gospel, the church described its effort as:
In order to proclaim the gospel, the ECS will continue its efforts of high-level political and grassroots evangelisation in order to reach all the communities of the Sudan and South Sudan. The ECS will also continue to adhere to the traditions of the Anglican Communion through use of the Prayer Book and training to new and existing pastors on the meaning of Anglicanism.
 The Episcopal Church of Sudan strongly condemned the persistent aerial bombardment of civilian territories, summary executions of innocents, and combat in civilian areas in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Blue Nile, Upper Nile State and Unity State. They went on to urge both governments [Sudan and South Sudan] to resolve any differences peacefully and not to resort to war and killing of the innocent civilians who yearn for peace. They said,
The ECS will remain a beacon of the hope of Jesus Christ so that the people of Sudan and South Sudan, traumatised by decades of devastating civil war, recognise the renaissance of their time and the hope of this new beginning.
Additionally the church will endeavour to mobilise their own local resources in order to improve and establish basic services [education and healthcare provision] to all people in Sudan and South Sudan.
To be good stewards over the land God has given us, the church said that they must ensure that our natural resources and our environment are not destroyed through carelessness or vandalism.  Archbishop Reverend Daniel Deng Bul Yak and other representatives ended the communique with a prayer:
God bless Sudan
God bless South Sudan
God bless the Episcopal Church of the Sudan
 An Episcopal Church of Sudan congregation would welcome any visitors who want to learn more about Jesus Christ, or Christian worship. There is a congregation in Port Sudan. Why not make a visit?

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